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A thesis proposal is not a thesis yet, and it may seem that the task is easy and can be completed in between other tasks preparations. So you may feel inclined to delay it till the last possible moment and then just slap together several pages of a little bit of everything. Do not make such a mistake, our friend. Read what we have to say and take this task seriously (and spare yourself lots of troubles).

To write a thesis proposal well means to write a part of a thesis itself. Yes, it is that serious. A proposal outlines your future research and actually constitutes a good part of it. So if you work thoroughly now (or engage professional thesis proposal help), you will end up with a ready plan and rough draft of your graduation paper.

What Goes Into A Thesis Proposal, By The Way?

To get a better understanding of what goes into the proposal and why it is so important, consider the following. A proper proposal contains:

  • abstract;
  • introduction;
  • review of literature;
  • discussion of theory on the matter;
  • discussion of proposed methods of research;
  • timeline;
  • bibliography.

For some very strict universities, you may need to provide the preliminary research results as well, but usually, you don’t. You propose the topic and the way to approach it, and after it is approved as a proposal, you can start your actual research. So you see, with all these requirements and loads of preliminary research work you will definitely need another couple of extra hours in a day – or proposal writing help from people you can trust.

Who can help me with my thesis

If you asked yourself this question, then you have probably understood the seriousness of the task at hand. Now the most important move is to find a reliable company toorder thesis proposal from, and here we can chime in.

We have established our writing services with students like you in mind. We understand how the thesis mark can impact your whole graduation grades, and how your potential Honors can turn into bleak average graduation score. Thus we have paid most attention not to the site design or pop-ups offering lots of bonuses, but to the team of people who will actually do the writing.

We are hand-picked graduates, assistant professors, and associate professors who under conditions of anonymity create the flawless proposals that they would gladly get from their own students. Yes, we do not allow the first best applicants to write custom thesis proposals. We have built a team of experts in all academic fields, both technical and humanities, to provide you with all possible kinds of thesis proposals.

This is our main advantage. What are others, you may wonder?

Why let us do the job?

Our experienced staffers will perform the job of every level of complexity and will bring original thinking into every piece they write. The value of a proposal is in its novelty and interesting approach. If you manage to find a fresh angle to look at the problem – you will get unanimously approved and welcomed to defend the completed paper. Banal topics and approaches are doomed to fail. Thus our writers will:

  • suggest a cool topic;
  • include some new knowledge or idea into it;
  • provide a good literature review;
  • discuss methods and show why these methods are relevant;
  • build impressive bibliography and abstract;
  • format a proposal properly.

Our writers will also provide exclusive proposals that are absolutely plagiarism free and original. The proposals will be proofread and checked for compliance with your requirements.

The prices will surprise you nicely. Besides, for one price you will get a whole package of service that in other companies will cost additional money. But understand how tight a student’s budget can be and never charge extra.

If you entrust us with your thesis proposal writing, you can be sure that your secrets will never be exposed. No one will ever know who stands behind that impressive paper you put on the table for the committee.  It will be your victory only.

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Now the only thing that remains is actually to use our proposal writing service by placing on order.

  1. Just set up an account (it is easy and anonymous);
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You are safe against any potential troubles, and no troubles can arise when we enter the game. We know what we do, and we know that the proposal you get from us will really impress your professor with its solidness and scholarly style. Order now and see it yourself!