Essay-Assist Discounts

The essay writing market is famously competitive, and some companies are prepared for the most drastic measures to attract more clients. One of the most popular tricks is telling customers: “Stop paying big prices for orders! We can do the same work for twice as less money!” In some cases, the customers who order paper from them never receive the assignment, but even when they do, the quality of writing is far from ideal. These low-quality papers can actually hurt your academic success instead of helping it.

There are many ways to lower the price of the order for essay companies. One of the most popular ones is lowering the overall level of the writing staff. These companies hire students or people from non-English speaking countries in an effort to cut the costs. The result is a drop in the quality of the papers, which will undoubtedly reflect on the customers’ grades.

When we started our essay writing company, we vowed to keep our prices affordable while maintaining the high quality of our papers. We are happy to say that it was a success and today we offer top-quality academic papers at highly competitive prices. 100% of our customers are students, which means that paying big prices for orders is out of question for most of them. Thanks to our efforts to lower the quality of the services without compromising the quality, we are now able to offer our customers outstanding papers at reasonable prices.

Nevertheless, for some of our clients, the price for the paper is still higher than they can afford. With those customers in mind, we introduced a brand new service — essay writing coupons. With their help, you can enjoy a significantly lower price of the order while taking advantage of the same fantastic quality of writing we are known for.

Our new coupons are particularly useful to those customers who are ordering from us for the first time. We understand that these customers want to test the waters before committing to our service for a long time. To increase your levels of confidence, we are offering each new customer a coupon. By reducing the cost of the order, we are giving every client an opportunity to see us in action. If you are happy with the quality of the paper we do for you, we have no doubts that you will turn into a returning client like thousands of customers before you!